I am being harassed by CRA collection officers. They are threatening me to pay an unreasonable amount in full and have now put a lien on my bank account and started garnishing my wages.

We understand the feeling when the CRA collection officers start harassing you as many of our clients in the past have told us. CRA collection officers are obliged to take these steps and use any available means to collect any money owed to the CRA. It is just impossible to live when you have a lien on your bank account and when you are not getting a complete paycheque. We first review your case, find out the reasons which led to these circumstances and eventually, after discussing with you, either file the actual or amended returns, file a Notice of Objection or Appeal or in many case make instalment arrangements with collection officers so they can stop garnishing your wages. But the best solution to this problem is a proactive approach. Instead of hiding and ignoring CRA letters and calls. Let’s face them and cooperate with them. Call us. We can help.