Accounting Services

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

We provide the following Accounting services, but not limited to:

  1. Book-keeping services (monthly, quarterly and yearly basis)
  2. Preparing GST/HST Returns
  3. Monthly Payroll Services/CRA Payroll Remittances
  4. Paystubs (Weekly or Bi-Weekly) and T4 Returns
  5. T5018/T4A Slips and Returns
  6. T5 Slips and T5 Returns
  7. NR4 Slips and T3 Slips for Trusts (Testamentary or inter vivos trust)
  8. Record of Employment – ROE’s
  9. Employer Health Tax Returns
  10. WSIB Return Quarterly Filing and Reconciliation
  11. Preparation of In-House Financial Statements with Notice to Reader

Documents Required

We need the following documents in most cases for Accounting purposes:

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Bank Statements

  • Sales Invoices

  • Expenses Receipts

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable Listing

  • Year End Inventory Listing

  • Investment Certificates/Account Statements

  • Legal Fees Invoices

  • Bad Debt Listing

  • Vehicle Purchase/Lease Agreements

  • Bank Loan Agreements

  • GST/HST Returns prepared In-House

  • T4 Returns prepared In-House

  • WSIB Returns/Notices Issued

  • Notices issued by Canada Revenue Agency

  • Copy of Last Year Tax Return

If you run a small business or
starting a new business

We can offer you a package where we can handle all your bookkeeping needs and prepare all your year end tax returns (Corporate Tax, Personal Tax, HST & Payroll Return) making sure you are covered from all aspects of Accounting. Our motto is “client success is our success” and we have a zero-tolerance policy against penalties and interest charged by Canada Revenue Agency on late filed tax returns.

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