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Total Tax Solutions Inc. is one stop solution for all your tax and accounting needs. Our success is our client’s success, satisfaction and referrals we receive from them. We work with business owners (small & mid-size) & individuals across Greater Toronto Area and provide high level tailored services according to their needs.

We regularly help clients in filing Personal, Corporate & Estate tax returns, reporting foreign income, claiming foreign tax credits, adjustments to incorrectly filed tax returns and declaring unreported income. We also file voluntary disclosure applications, objections & appeals, and assist clients in sale and purchase of businesses. Our clients include individuals, corporations, small business owners, sole proprietors, builders, non-residents, investors, realtors, etc.

Our expertise lies in handling tax audits of all levels and dealing with auditors and collections officers across Canada and help clients in removing CRA liens, wage garnishments and making tax instalments for debts owing to CRA. We also provide an expert view of HST New Housing Rebate applications and helped hundreds of clients in overturning CRA adverse assessments.

Don’t let CRA force their assessments and decisions on you. We will fight for your rights. Have a Tax Problem. Contact us today. (905) 605-4775.

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“Gurpreet has just completed all the paper filings, that were required by the CRA. He took the time to explain all that he had done on my behalf. He has a very clear understanding of what is to be done for his clients best interests. All CRA requests were satisfied and everything was brought up to date. Gurpreet is a honest and a respectful person, whom I trust. You will know and understand why I feel so good today. Just give him a call and you will see.”


“After inadvertently not have done my taxes for many years, I reluctantly approached an independent tax specialist. Viewing many Google reviews, I finally approached Total Tax Solutions.
Sharing monetary information does not come easy to me, but I must say Total Tax Solutions, after our email communications and initial meeting, I was totally put at ease. Not only did they offer exceptional service but they also discovered I had missed another year of not filing I was not aware of in 2008, ten years ago! They now have my wife and I as long time customers.”


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Total Tax Solutions Inc.
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Total Tax Solutions Inc. is an independent tax accounting firm.

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