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Gurpreet Rainal

Gurpreet has over 10 years experience practicing public accounting. He first began working in 2007 with a Chartered Accounting firm based in Toronto. He later started his own accounting firm and he is proud of serving clients all over Greater Toronto Area and provide them a high-level service of an independent tax specialist.

Gurpreet has experience working with wide variety of small and mid-size clients including retail, restaurants, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, IT Consultants, builders, construction, truckers, etc.

Not just he has in-depth understanding of accounting and tax concepts, he has proven to be an expert showing practical knowledge required of an independent tax specialist. He prepares thousand of tax returns each tax season and successfully represented hundreds of clients who are currently in arrears with Canada Revenue Agency and have past-due tax returns. He has assisted hundreds of clients with tax audits and dealt with Auditors both at clients site and at his own office.

He specializes in Personal, Corporate & Estate Taxes and helped non-residents and foreign property owners claiming foreign tax credits avoiding double taxation. He has also dealt with collection officers across Canada and helped clients in removing CRA liens and wage garnishments and making tax instalments where clients can pay off tax debt in a systematic manner.

Gurpreet graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University in 2016. He did a Major in Accounting while working at a CPA firm and is currently pursuing his CPA designation from Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario.

He is a member of Canadian Tax Foundation and regularly attends Canada Revenue Agency and other tax seminars updating himself everyday with new rules.

Gurpreet does yoga regularly which helps him intellectually and mentally.

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